YMAA US National Camp

The 1st YMAA national training camp in the US!

2023 YMAA US National Camp

Registration is closed!
We've reached maximum capacity.

Jonathan Chang (Wu An Martial Arts – YMAA Wu An)
Michelle Lin (Wu An Martial Arts – YMAA Wu An)
Bill Buckley (Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga)
Jeff Rosen (YMAA Western Mass)
Phil Dunwoody (YMAA Huntingdon)
David Grantham (Evolutionary Qigong)


August 11 – 13: Camp
June 10: Early bird ends

Registration has closed early

July 12: Registration closes

Students of all experience levels, YMAA and non-YMAA are always welcome at YMAA camps and seminars.

For this 3-day immersive event, six YMAA certified instructors will cover Taiji & Shaolin topics: Centering, Pushing Hands, Applications, Shaolin Sword, Shaolin White Crane, Taiji Sword, Qigong, & Yang 108 Form

Meet other martial artists, train hard, and then relax at the retreat center. Adelynrood is a 14-acre campus just 45 minutes north of Boston and minutes from historic Newburyport and the Plum Island beaches.

Overnight Guest or Day Visitor options available. Full details in brochure.

Questions about camp? Email:

COVID related:

As of 3/29/2023
  • Masks are optional. We respect everyone’s preferences and ask that you do the same. Please check in with your training partner(s).
  • Proof of negative test: For overnight guests, Adelynrood asks for photo proof of a negative PCR, rapid, or at-home test taken within 48 hours of arrival. This is to protect their volunteers, many of whom are elderly and immunocompromised.
  • They also request that visitors please do not travel to Adelynrood for 5 days if you have recently tested positive, been exposed, or are experiencing COVID-like symptoms.

2 thoughts on “YMAA US National Camp”

  1. Hi Jonathan and Michelle,
    It’s Ching from Hartford, CT. Hope you both remember me.
    I’ve published my first book ‘One Body, One Life within your Control’ in the fall of 2021. I would love to be one of the presenter to share my Qigong practice. Which, it’s infuse with the understanding of anatomy and kinesiology. This understanding become the technique/focus to prevent injuries and with helpful ways to recover after injury.
    I also developed a new category, titled ‘Wellness Dance’, based on Qigong practice. Hope both of you can give me a chance to introduce my work in person or over the phone. Thanks.

    1. User Avatar
      Wu An Martial Arts

      Hello Ching,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I just emailed you regarding your proposal.
      Best Wishes,

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