Test & Community Day

Friday, March 3rd

6:15pm – Arrive to warm up
6:30pm – Test begins
After test – Refreshments

Masks are not required in the GBCCA building.


GBCCA – 437 Cherry St, Newton, MA

Parking available in the lot (free after 6pm) or on side streets – Webster St or Elm St.

Test Details

Wu An Martial Arts – YMAA Wu An is a member of Yang’s Martial Arts Association, an international organization established by our shifu, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Students are strongly encouraged to test through the YMAA curriculum. For each test, we aim to strengthen the local YMAA community by inviting guest instructors to sit on the testing panel and other YMAA students to participate in the test. 

  1. Mr. Jonathan Chang (YMAA Wu An) – Shaolin 10th Stripe Instructor, Taiji 5th Stripe Instructor
  2. Mr. Chris Fazzio (YMAA Andover) – Director, Shaolin 9th Stripe Instructor
  3. Ms. Michelle Lin – Shaolin 6th Stripe Instructor, Taiji 3rd Stripe Assistant Instructor
  • For students who are testing (no spectator fee)
  • The fee is paid to the testing panel for their time and evaluation

Payment Methods

  • $20 – via cash, check, or Zelle ()
  • $21 – via Venmo (@wuanmartialarts) ($1 processing fee)

Lian Bu Quan (4)

  • Wu An: Cynthia, Emma, Sylvain

Fighting Forms – 1 (4)

  • Wu An: Leo, Oxford, Kate, Sylvain

Shang Xia Zhi (5)

  • Wu An: R4, Adam, Kate, Sylvain, Kevin P.
Qin Na – 1 (4)
  • Wu An: Nigel, Kevin P.
  • Andover: Wolfie

Gong Li Quan (4-6)

  • Andover: Samantha, Elina, Jeremiah, Samuel
  • Wu An: Kevin P.

Qin Na – 2 (3)

  • Andover: Ravi, Vincent
  • Quebec: Pierre-Luc

Short Defense (1) – Andover: Vincent

Fighting Forms – 2 (1) – Quebec: Pierre-Luc

Xiao Hu Yan (1) –Ethan

Taiji Part 1 slow – Daniel

Taiji 3rd Stripe (1) – Ethan

Please make sure you wear your full uniform:

  1. Wu An Martial Arts or YMAA shirt
  2. Training pants
  3. Indoor sneakers


We’ll be providing light refreshments. Please feel free to bring some!

  • Jon & Michelle – bottled water, chips