Santösh Weapons

Due to high demand, the Wu An free shipping special order window has closed early. Thank you for your support!

David will continue to take orders for the fall. You can complete the Inquiry Form or contact David directly.

At Wu An Martial Arts (YMAA Wu An):
  • Sword ($85)
  • Saber ($60), simplified guard, 33.5″ length (short for most practitioners but suitable for beginners and kids)
At YMAA Québec (order while in stock and we’ll transport your item to Massachusetts by August 22nd):
  • Sword ($85)
  • Staffs (starting at $60), specifications to be discussed with David
Handmade custom training weapons

Santösh Weapons

A craftsman by trade, David Santösh Jean combined his expertise with his passion for martial arts by creating a line of handmade custom weapons.

Since 2019, David has been making custom weapons for our seminars hosted by YMAA Québec and for customers around the world.




Full contact durability

The only wooden weapons you’ll ever need

Metal insert reinforcements

Santösh sword and some saber guards are reinforced with a metal insert to better withstand full contact training against other Santösh wooden weapons.

Finished with natural oil sealers

Each Santösh wood weapon is finished with three coats of top quality natural wood oil sealers (dried for 24 hours each), making it 100% waterproof with added resistance to impact. 

They are coated with Livos or Ligna wood sealers, the same trusted brands used by professionals for furniture, countertops, and floors.

Single piece of wood

Santösh wooden swords and sabers (with simple guards) are sculpted from a single piece of wood with no fragile joints.

Saber options

  1. Simple guard – The entire saber is sculpted from a single piece of wood.
  2. Full guard – The guard is made with a separate piece of wood, reinforced with a metal insert. The blade has more details of the oxtail style saber (牛尾刀 niu wei dao).

Customize Your Santösh Weapon

Rounded or Sharp Tip

Swords and sabers can be made with rounded or sharp tips. Rounded tips are highly recommended for partner practice.

Weight & Dimensions

Weight / Thickness: Weapons can be made thicker and heavier for conditioning purposes. If you’re unsure, please provide your training experience and goals.

Length: If you’re unsure of the proper length, provide your height and experience level. Shorter weapons are easier for beginners. The length is ultimately determined by your personal preference. For reference:

  • Shaolin: with the sword or saber held in the practitioner’s hand, the tip should reach the top of the ear
  • Taijiquan: with the tip on the ground, Taiji swords and sabers should reach the practitioner’s solar plexus
Jon is 5'9, sword is 39" (just right)
Michelle is 5'3, sword is 39" (a few inches long)
Jon is 5'9, taiji sword is 45" (a few inches short)

Personal Design

  • Add your name, logo, or image
  • Engravings
  • Metal plate
  • Sword guard turned up or down
Guards turned up

Inquiry Form

Items at Wu An Martial Arts - YMAA Wu An can be picked up in Massachusetts
Specify length, width (or, "light" or "heavy"), and diameter (for long weapons)
David will discuss available types and rates based on market prices

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