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2024 YMAA North America Camp 
August 22 – 25

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Improve your health and refine martial skills

Hi, we’re Jon and Michelle! We’re practitioners of traditional Chinese martial arts with a combined 30+ years of teaching experience. We founded Wu An Martial Arts to continue the spirit of promoting peace through traditional training. Wu An is a branch school of Yang’s Martial Arts Association: YMAA Wu An

Jonathan Chang Michelle Lin
Jonathan Chang & Michelle Lin

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Traditional Chinese Martial Arts & Qigong

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) is an umbrella term that refers to styles such as Kung Fu and Taijiquan (Tai Chi), which were developed over the centuries. Within Kung Fu and Taijiquan are many sub-styles including White Crane Kung Fu, Long Fist Kung Fu, and Yang-style Taijiquan.

Qigong (“Chi-gong”) roughly translates to “energy work.” It is the art of developing and cultivating the body’s Qi, or bioenergy, often through mindful breathing and meditation. Qigong exercises are incorporated into our Taiji classes.

Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

Taijiquan is an internal style martial art based on the philosophy of Yin and Yang. Although practiced primarily for its health benefits, Taijiquan’s foundation lies in its martial roots.

White Crane Kung Fu

White Crane Kung Fu is a Southern style that excels in short to mid-ranged combat. It is considered a Soft-Hard style, meaning it places equal emphasis on internal and external training.


Long Fist Kung Fu

Long Fist Kung Fu is a Northern style which specializes in its footwork. It requires practitioners to develop strong, flexible, and agile legs.

Lion Dance

Originating from China, lion dances are traditionally performed during celebrations to bring good luck. Two dancers operate the lion to the beating of drums, cymbals, and gongs. Lion dances are often performed by martial arts schools as the movements crossover with martial arts training.

"Jon and Michelle are passionate about their training and their teaching. As a result of their years of full time practice and learning at the YMAA Retreat Center they have developed a level of talent usually reserved for teachers twice their age."
"Jon and Michelle have a skilled, well-structured teaching approach and are able to adjust the depth of the seminar to the individuals attending. They are quick to answer questions and develop a great relationship with the students. The seminars they have offered at GateWay are often attended by senior students and teachers from both my studio and other schools, who consistently recognize their expertise."